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Today, Judge Robert  Raschio in Harney County issued his decision 
on the state’s efforts to eliminate the 3 day safeguard rule



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Judge Hears The State’s Request For Endless Delays. – Oregon Firearms Federation

Today in Harney County the state requested that the Judge ignore the thousands of people waiting to take possession of the firearms they have already paid for and eliminate the one safeguard they have to obtain them.

Firearm’s dealers have the right, although not the obligation, to transfer firearms to people who have not had their background checks completed, as long as three business days have “transpired.”

In the past, few dealers would do this, but now as the state continues to simply not do its job, more and more dealers are allowing the transfers.

The Oregon Department of Justice wants to end this safeguard so they can prevent thousands of people from legally acquiring the firearms they have already purchased.

The Harney County Judge had placed an injunction against the magazine ban and the permit to purchase that were parts of Measure 114. But Measure 114 also contained a provision to eliminate the 3 day safeguard, falsely calling it a “loophole.”  (Apparently any policy that actually allows law abiding Oregonians to legally obtain firearms is a “loophole.”)


So where did the $2.6 Million go?
Obviously NOT the Firearms Instant Check System


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Oregon Ballot Measure 114:
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December 16, 2022, 16:04 GMT



Today a Judge in Harney County issued a preliminary injunction 
against the magazine ban in Measure 114.

In a previous hearing on Dec 13th the court  put a hold on the “permit to purchase” portion of the bill and promised a ruling on the mag ban by tomorrow, Dec 16th.

The ruling came today and means that for now, your standard capacity magazines are safe.

There will still have to be a complete trial on the constitutionality of the measure, but at the moment the permit to purchase and the ban on standard magazines will not be allowed to go into effect.

The Court has granted a hearing on December 23 for the state to explain why the safeguard which allows the transfer of a firearm after three business days (if the Oregon State Police do not complete a background check or issue a denial) should be removed.

Today’s hearing on Gun Owner’s of America’s suit against Measure 114 in Harney County keeps all aspects of the measure from going into effect, for now.

The Judge again ruled that the non-existent  “permit to purchase” scheme cannot be enforced because it’s essentially vaporware, even though the Oregon State Police have an “application” online and the Oregon Sheriff’s Association is offering an “online” class to get a permit.  (For $60.00, and you can throw in a few extra bucks and get a decal.)

The fact is, neither the application or the class mean anything since there is still no way to complete the live fire mandates of the measure.

So, the mess created by Lift Every Voice Oregon continues to leech across the state like an overflowing septic tank.


Measure 114 INFO from the Oregon Secretary of State:
Shemia Fagan,_Changes_to_Firearm_Ownership_and_Purchase_Requirements_Initiative_(2022)
Oregon: Faulty Gun Control Ballot Measure Summary Approved




Thursday, December 8, 2022 5:41 PM      from

"The saga of Measure 114 is moving so fast and taking so many unexpected turns that keeping up is nearly impossible, and, in fact, most in the media have not been able to."

A trial on a permanent injunction is scheduled for Dec. 13th 2022 in Harney County.
While no one could have predicted any of this, we have reason to believe that it will go well.

This is a link to the Harney Courthouse.
  case No. 22CV4008 
We have been informed you can watch the hearing live using the webex link at 9AM.

link to motion::

Oregon Measure 114 temporarily
BLOCKED Statewide by County Judge

A Harney County judge granted a Temporary Restraining Order
against all provisions of Oregon’s gun control 
Measure 114.

 “The people shall have the right to bear arms for the defense of themselves,
and the State, but the Military shall be kept in strict subordination to the civil power.

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Oregon’s gun control Measure 114
Emergency Motion filed in Federal Court

  December 2, 2022 
  U.S. District Judge Karin J. Immergut 
   heard a motion  
  Just 6 days before Measure-114 is scheduled to take effect.